What we do

India Cyber Connect will assist cyber-SMEs with organizing marketing strategies, managing public and client relations, and formulating cross-border partnerships with foreign cyber SMEs for varied forms of joint-collaboration.


Solid marketing is a premier requisite for cybersecurity and IT firms to excel in any given market. Cybersecurity firms at the growth stage including cyber-SMEs need an extra marketing boost to navigate the commercial Indian cyber-arena. ICC will proactively assist cyber SMEs with services such as developing marketing strategy, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Public and Client Relations

ICC seeks to support cyber SMEs involved in the Indian market with PR services, and the handling of clientele. ICC will approach clients, partners, and relevant business associates to strengthen influence on cyber-SMEs. Helping cybersecurity companies grow is not an option, but a priority.

Cross-Border Partnerships

ICC views formulation of cross border cyber-partnerships as a strategic element in securing India’s cyber-ecosystem. The cyber-domain offers tremendous potential for cross-border cybersecurity cooperation through activities such as joint-product development, joint retail ventures, and other significant forms of collaboration. ICC seeks to leverage international partnerships between Indian cyber-SMEs and respective counterparts.