Global Leaders to Pow-wow Cybersecurity Cooperation at 2014 Israel-Asia Summit

Top cybersecurity industry leaders are invited to explore Israel-Asia cooperation at an exclusive event at the 2014 Israel-Asia Summit on May 19.

The Israel-Asia Center will feature an invitation-only round-table discussion titled “Mobile Cybersecurity in Israel and Asia: Opportunities for Cooperation” at the Peres Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

Moderated and led by the cybersecurity initiative India Cyber Connect, the roundtable will outline potential threats, challenges, and solutions to mobile cybersecurity, and discuss pathways for increased cooperation between Israel and Asia.

“Israel is famed for its prowess in developing innovative solutions for the emerging field of cybersecurity,” said Vishal Dharmadhikari, Founder and CEO of India Cyber Connect and moderator of the roundtable. 
“Israel’s cybersecurity industry possesses the potential to be a willing partner in defying Asia’s cyber-world problems,” he said.

Cybersecurity issues surrounding greater smartphone connectivity across verticals such as healthcare, education, and finance will fall under the scope of exploring mutual opportunities for Israel-Asia cooperation.

The one-hour break-out session will comprise 30 participants of diverse professional backgrounds, and select cybersecurity experts as key speakers.
Interested participants are required to register for the Summit via the following link:!register/c1a4g


The 2014 Israel-Asia Summit will bring together top entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and next generation leaders to explore the impact of mobile technologies in Asia's emerging markets in healthcare, education and financial inclusion.

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